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FAQ / Häufige Fragen

What does 'Spiritual Realignment' / spinal column straightening mean?

Spiritual Realignment' is a spiritual healing process that expresses itself on a spiritual and physical level. It is a healing aid and impulse for powerful regeneration and self-healing processes in all kinds of topics.

How does Spiritual Realignment work?

The healing energy goes back into the past and is still effects the dissolution of the chain of causes to this day.

Does Spiritual Realignment make sense in cases of illness/symptoms?

Yes, the healing power works on the level of causes, so the effects of diseases can be harmonised.

Does the treatment have to be repeated?

Spiritual Realignment only takes place once and need not be repeated. The healing process is continuous and permanent.

When is a follow-up treatment necessary?

Accompanying follow-up treatment may become necessary in acute situations, chronic complaints, mental and emotional stress or very pronounced spinal curvature.

Who comes for treatment and who is it good for?

Spiritual Realignment is for everyone:

adults, children, pregnant women, spiritual seekers and therapists.