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Spiritual healing with Jürgen Augustin

No.1 widespread disease → back pain

Do you have back pain too?

Spinal straightening + pelvic obliquity correction


Carolin and Alexander Toskar


Experience and feel the 'spiritual 'upliftment' healing with all its gentle, healing and holistic effects.

Pjotr Elkunoviz is the creator and initiator of this healing method, which is unique in the world. He has been working for over 30 years. In the meantime more than 300.000 people have experienced the 'Spiritual Realignment' in a wonderful way.



Spirituality | Yoga | Meditation and nature lead to a lasting inner balance.

Jürgen Augustin



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How the 'Spiritual Realignment' works

Spiritual Realignment® is an alternative healing method and the basis for an all-encompassing healing / recovery on all levels of our being. It is a healing aid for all kinds of issues and an impulse for powerful regeneration and self-healing processes.

' Spiritual Realignment' happens in a moment, without touching, with the power of the spirit and brings about a harmonious and noticeable balance in the physical, mental and spiritual level.

The visible proof is in the straightening of the spine, correction of pelvic obliquity and leg length compensation.

Original blockades and old patterns of thinking are released and thus enable a new beginning with changed perspectives. The straightened, straightened spine with its energy channels allows life energy to flow freely again and the person feels grounded and full of vital energy.

The 'Spiritual Realignment' is a Divine Realignment.

About Me

After an acute life crisis, combined with serious illness, I became aware of Pjotr Elkunoviz during my regeneration phase. His extraordinary aura made a lasting impression on me. I quickly decided to experience this healing method, which is unique in the world, for myself. I took part in a healing day in Munich with Carolin and Alexander Toskar. Alexander Toskar is the son of Pjotr Elkunoviz. The profound experience of my 'Spiritual Realignment' awakened in me the desire to learn this healing method in order to be able to help other people seeking help.

With enthusiasm and passion I completed my training as a healer with Carolin & Alexander.

My soul is finally at peace!


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