spiritual upliftment ®

Procedure on the healing day

preliminary talk / lecture in the group


Healing meditations for everyday life


Personalised treatments


  • Spiritual Realignment® Initial treatment (or follow-up treatment)
  • 3-Healing® for body - heart - mind
  • Activation of the self-healing power potential
  • Mental alchemy with drainage
  • Power bracelet



Duration: approx. 1-1.5 hours (according to individual requirements)

Compensation: 150 Euro

For students, pupils, Hartz4 recipients or in case of a financial bottleneck, we determine a fair price together.  It should not fail because of the money. It's more important to me that I can help and advance many people.

Spiritual Realignment is for everyone:

Children, adults and seniors, pregnant women, yoga practitioners, spiritual seekers and therapists. All people, regardless of cultural background or health condition can use this unique way of energy work for their healing and development.


aspects: Effect on the spiritual level of cause, without touching the body, loosening of patterns and blockages, release of life energy, activation of life potential, establishing balance in physical and mental issues and emotional stress, giving impulses for powerful regeneration and self-healing processes.

Follow-up treatment

The accompanying follow-up treatment is a great help for many people. For chronic complaints, mental and emotional stress and acute situations. For regular vitalisation and raising of life energy.

Duration: 1-1.5 hours - Fee: 130 Euro

Remote treatment

Remote treatment with initiation of the healing will to strengthen the power healing potential for acute issues, mental or emotional stress. The spiritual healing energy works on all levels up to the physical events.

The remote treatment is particularly suitable for people who wish to have regular support and continuous raising of their self-healing powers.

The remote treatment includes four appointments.

Duration: 15 minutes per appointment - Payment: 25 Euro per appointment - Total: 100 Euro



Mental eye treatment

Follow-up treatment to strengthen and activate physical and intuitive vision.

With activation of the self-healing power potential and personal healing card.


Appointments for follow-up treatment and spiritual eye treatment on the day of healing or as remote treatment by arrangement, at the earliest 1 month after the initial treatment, the spiritual uprighting.

Animal treatment

Remote treatment for animals

Spiritual Realignment also establishes a balance and a spiritual order for animals in various subjects. It is the impulse for powerful self-healing processes. Animals, as our soul brothers and sisters, are very receptive and sensitive to their environment and therefore often take up issues of their fellow human beings - thus they are a soul mirror for their families. 


The healing process in animals is powerful and individual, the healing process has its own rhythm. Spontaneous healings can occur at any time. Animal healing is a healing support and essential relief for the animal, but often just as liberating for the pet owner and the whole family.


The animals are treated remotely. It includes two appointments, the Spiritual Realignment as initial treatment and a week later a follow-up treatment for further support. 




Send me an animal photo as well as a short description of the complaints by post or e-mail. Please include address, telephone number and the name of the animal

The remote treatment includes two appointments.




The remote treatment includes two appointments on Mondays, from 20:30 pm by individual arrangement 

Place of power

Habitat protection

Energetic house cleaning for the living space. After Spiritual Realignment has taken place, people are interested in further healing changes. Because they feel well and begin to become more attentive to their environment and to what is really good for them. Protection from electro-smog and negative thought forms is essential for this. Through energetic house cleaning, they can integrate even more quality of life and awareness into their everyday life. 


The spiritual work on the living space, which we do from a distance, causes a transformation of energies that are in imbalance and have a burdening effect on people. The entire rooms, car and mobile phone are put into a spiritual power place. 




Send me a photo (outdoor photo) of the house, flat or workplace by post or e-mail. Please include your address and telephone number as well as the living space.

We will arrange an appointment for your energetic house cleaning, at which time you should be in the flat or house.


We will arrange an appointment for your energetic house cleaning, when you should be in the flat or house.